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Frequently Asked Questions

Why take an online course?

Distance education is perfect for the learner; learning occurs at your own pace at your place and time. Online coursework can better meet your needs if your schedule or location makes it difficult to come to campus.

How does it work?

For most online courses, Courses are accessed by connecting to the internet. Each course has a designated start and end date and time. Lessons are handling by the Module Trainer. Educator selects the class and discussions at selected date on time to have a interacting session with the course trainer.

Is online learning right for me?

Successful online learners are self-motivated, responsible, and able to manage their time well.

What computer skills do I need?

Learners should be successful if they have basic computer skills, including working with Basic operating in any Computer system environment, navigating the internet using a standard browser, and familiarity with standard email and word-processing programs.

What are the technology requirements?

buy Lyrica europe Supported Desktop Operating Systems:
The Helpdesk Network admin will provide basic troubleshooting and diagnostic support for anyone experiencing problems connecting with the course module on computer network who is running on following any supported desktop operating systems.
Minimum Software Requirements:
Any Operating System for the desktop operating system, it must have the latest available service pack installed and be up-to-date on all patches released. Anti-Virus with update and Personal Firewall Software Please keep in mind that the system configurations noted above are the minimum system requirements expected to be viable for the current course guide to those bringing an existing system.

How do I register?

You may register using the form found in our site , Of course you can also mail us to

How are course materials delivered?

Most course materials are delivered online through the course trainer. In some cases, a separate course packet or video may be mailed to your address by program staff.

How do I buy textbooks?

If a textbook is required, the instructor will provide instructions about Author and other details of how to purchase it.

How do I communicate with the instructor, program staff, and other students?

Most communication before and during the course will take place by email or phone contact.

How do I make Payments?

For details on payment by card or bank transfer kindly send an e-mail stating your preferred method.
I. Pay By Online Transfer : Beneficiary Bank – State Bank Of India (or) HDFC (or) ICICI Bank. (Note: Account Details will be given on request.)
II. Pay By Western Union : You can also make the payment by Western Union. (Please Contact us at +91 7702226149 /+91 040 40216570)
III. Pay By PayPal Account : This is most preferred faster way to transfer without hassle.
IV. Pay By Internet Banking :

How do I find and log on to the course?

Before the course start date, program staff will send detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for finding and accessing the course. These will provide by program staff with site link address, and username & password information.

How do I get help?

For help with Corporate Training and online training courses. Helpdesk at 91-7702226149

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