SAP Business One Implementation

SAP Business One is an effective and affordable business management solution structured especially for small and midsize businesses. To assimilate the core business operations like finance, purchasing, manufacturing, and sales this methodology is designed. Moreover, it is flexibly competent to the custom requirements like migration and configuration tools, add-ons, and the Software Development Kit (SDK).

From the Business SAP world a comprehensive implementation methodology was created as Business one Implementation. To guide the system setup and implementation process this methodology has designed to serve. The information like set of templates, tools, checklists and other supporting information was included. This methodology has divided into five phases and each level break down the relevant task.

It would be more helpful to the SAP partners and customers to understand the progression of implementing. The installation and implementation of SAP Business One can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Implementation Phase

The implementation is divided into five project phases:

Phase 1: Project preparation

The team prepares and conducts a project kick-off meeting and goes through initial planning and preparation.

Phase 2: Business Blueprint

requirements workshop is conducted with various key stakeholders to define project objectives, scope, and schedule. Business process scenarios are defined and business blueprint is created during the workshop.

Phase 3: Project Realization

Based on the Business Blueprint this phase will implement all the process. Unlike this phase will conduct integration tests and drawing up end user documentation.

Phase 4: Final Preperation

The complete final preparations (including user and administrator training, system management and cutover activities) to finalize go-live.

Phase 5: Go-Live and Supportsapentr

To move from a project-oriented & pre-production environment to live production operation this phase will act with the elements like setting up production support, monitoring system transactions, and optimizing the system performance. Note that task durations can be estimated and varied on the size and complexity of the project.

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