SAP Business One Upgrade

SAP extended the core functionality across different business functions in the Release family of 9, SAP Business ONE version 9.1. It builds the major release update with the advanced featured and offering solutions. In this version centralized implementation framework has been introduced to existing implemented tools, easier to implement and integrate. This version makes now fully integrated into the core product offering.

With the support package and new version of SAP Business ONE has upgraded to 9.1 which is available for general distribution. The upgrade process can be completed in a week with the new feature of training. Below mentioned points are standard methodology. The Downtime is minimal for SAP Business One upgrade service.

• Upgrade Preparation
• Technical Upgrade Process
• Testing, Troubleshooting and Training
• Go-Live with SAP Business One 9.1

A typical major release upgrade planned as follows:

a.) Planning
b.) Test upgrade
c.) Production system upgrade and test
d.) Hand over and support

Follow these basic steps together with information and documentation available in the SAP Business One Accelerated Upgrade Program and your upgrades will run smoothly.

The following describes major functional enhancements in SAP Business One 9.1.

• Enhanced production module
• Inventory item cost valuation based on serial or batch number
• Display balances for goods receipt POs and purchase orders in BP master data
• Enablement of negative payments in payment wizard
• Multiple branches function splits transactions by business unit
• Project enhancements
• Rounded-off functions
• Fixed asset enhancements
• Extended tax reporting
• Bank Statement processing for additional localizations
• Localization enhancements and legal compliance
• Default values

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