SAP Upgrade / Migration Services

SAP Upgrade / Migration Services:

To develop innovative solutions, companies are challenged to implement new solutions by upgrading their platforms. With new functionalities and features will make developing solutions possible

To improve your SAP performance the upgrade / Migration service can provide additional functionalities. It is a complex activity in the professional project execution. For examples like information delivery, business intelligence and improved business process, make sure that without disturbing the SAP system usage a smooth transaction will be ensured.

From the data center or on-premise you can improve the performance and reduce the cost and time of managing SAP application through Migration / Upgrade service. Sometimes business can be impacted under application downtime, by ensuring complete and secure migration to the new environment

AcuteSoft ensures the fast, risk minimizing and smooth process while migration to maximize your business benefits. Our consulting team will manage all aspects of the Migration and Upgrade process from start-up and planning.


A Complete diagnostics and impact assessment on any SAP versions – R/3 4.x to ECC 5/6. Our team will assist you closely during the entire project life cycle

AcuteSoft Aspects

1. Organization aspect
2. Business aspect
3. Technology aspect

Benefits of SAP Upgrade and Migration Services include:

1. Maximize your SAP functionality and performance
2. New Version to New Environment
3. Detailed assessment on the current SAP environment to develop, plan, functional and architect.
4. It builds, tests and deploy the new SAP capabilities.

AcuteSoft key features of Upgrade / Migration Service.

1. Identifying the correct SAP upgrade versions / patches
2. Project planning
3. Hardware sizing
4. Analysis of SAP upgrade on the existing developments (modifications)
5. Operating system, database and SAP version upgrade (Project Execution)
6. Functional testing
7. Key user / end user training on new version – functionalities

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